The Schreiber Times

Get Involved

How do I write for The Schreiber Times? 

Just show up to one of our general meetings and pick up an article assignment sheet, which will provide you with an overview of your topic, recommended word count, and suggested interviews. Our sections are News, Opinions, A&E (Arts and Entertainment), Features, and Sports.

Helpful hints

Please leave two spaces after every period. Remember not to include personal opinions unless you’re writing an Opinions article! Here’s our format for quoting students. Quotes should be in a separate paragraph.

“This is a quote,” said senior Jane Doe.

How often are general meetings?

General meetings take place once a month in room 117. They only last a few minutes, so make sure to arrive on time. Check our calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

How do I submit my article?

Once you’ve written your article, you can email it to [email protected]. Be mindful of deadlines!

Interested in making graphics or taking photos?

Speak to our editors at the next general meeting or email us with any inquiries.

Learn more.

Our editors meet every month for work week and bednight, where we do most of our work in the publishing room. Check our calendar for upcoming dates. Coming to work week will help you gain valuable knowledge about editing articles and working with Adobe InDesign. The added experience will be especially helpful if you’re considering applying for a staff position at the end of the year!