The Schreiber Times


The Schreiber Times is an award-winning high school publication by the student body of Paul D. Schreiber High School.

We publish 10 issues per year and have a circulation of 2,000 copies per issue.  Each issue offers 24 pages of Schreiber News, Opinions, Features, Arts & Entertainment, and Sports.



Evelina Zarkh, Faculty Advisor

Alicia Cotter, Faculty Advisor


Current Editors-in-Chief

Jacob Gottesman

Emily Milgrim


2020-2021 Editorial Staff

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Times Policy Statement

The Schreiber Times’ primary purpose is to inform its readers of events, issues, and ideas affecting Schreiber High School.  The Times also serves as an open forum in which members of the Schreiber community may express their ideas and opinions.

The Times will report all news accurately, honestly, and fairly.  We will not give preference to any group or individual.  We will respect the rights of all information sources and any errors will be corrected promptly.

We will print submitted materials on the basis of their quality and significance as determined by the editors of this publication.  The editors reserve the right to print, refuse to print, or return any submitted materials.  The editors also reserve the right to edit any submitted articles.

We will print letters to the editors if judged to be of sufficient quality and importance on a space-available basis.  We will not print letters that are obscene, libelous, or contain unfounded charges. The Times reserves the right to shorten letters if doing so does not alter their meaning, and to choose a representative letter from a group of related ones.  Letters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors.  We will not print any anonymous letters.

Editorials printed in this publications reflect the opinion of the majority of the editors.  If the situation warrants, minority editorials will be published.  Editorials do not represent the views of the Port Washington Union Free School District.

We will not publish advertisements if they are deemed libelous, obscene, or likely to incite criminal activities.  Prices of advertisements are standard and price schedules are available upon request. Advertisements do not necessarily represent the views of The Times.

We will establish new policies if the need arises.  Until such a point occurs, The Times will follow the policy described in this space as well as the guidelines of common sense and reason.