Trespassing true to Lambert style

Kelly To, Staff Writer

The runner-up of season eight of American Idol and world-famous musician Adam Lambert released a new album, Trespassing, encompassing songs ranging from slow ballads to pop songs.

The style of music on this album matches his previous songs “What Do Ya Want From Me” and “If I Had You.” Fans of typical pop/pop-rock music and fellow “glamberts” will definitely appreciate his new catchy, upbeat tunes.

Adam Lambert, the flamboyant “glam rocker,” shifts away from guitar-heavy styles and experiments with more mainstream pop music.

Half of the songs include slower melodic tunes that display Lambert’s vocal dynamic. On the other hand, he also fastidiously amalgamates club-dance music with his sensational vocal effects. Lambert’s signature high shrieks and intense lyrical ballads may all be found in this album.

Among its more interesting songs are “Trespassing,” “Never Close Our Eyes,” “Underneath,” and “Runnin’.” “Trespassing” and “Runnin’” lean toward dance party pop music while the melody of “Underneath” reveals the adept qualities of Lambert’s voice.

Critics say that Lambert has poured all of his heart and soul into this album and are afraid he did not leave any surprises for his future music.

“I do feel that sonically, lyrically, and emotionally, this album is a surprise for people—and myself,” said Lambert in an interview by The Associated Press.

Lambert, along with singers including Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, is more performance-oriented. His appeal is due largely in part to his eccentricity and exciting stage performances.

He returned to the semi-finalist round of this year’s American Idol to perform his new song and awed the audience once more.

Adam Lambert’s exotic performances are what really bring his songs to life. It is his showmanship techniques that keep his fans hooked.