Varsity golf season recap

Chad Edelblum, Staff Writer

In the world of Schreiber sports, no team has claimed as many conference and county awards as the Vikings golf team.

Although golf has historically been one of the best teams in school history, this year has been an unusual year for the once storied team of Schreiber.

After six straight winning seasons, the Vikings went 2-5 this year.

Although golf is a sport based on individual effort, high school matches are won based on team scores and winning the most total rounds.

The 2-5 record does not immediately impress, but with only three upperclassmen on the squad, it is understandable.

The three leaders of the team are seniors Liam Adair, Matt Brooks, and captain Colin Davies.

Davies, a four-year starter on the golf team, has helped out this young team with his leadership on and off the course.

Even in a down year, Port Washington golf is sending two players to counties.

Freshman Eric Schissel and senior Colin Davies were both selected to compete, and they are considered two of the top golfers on Long Island.

Both of these players shoot a consistent 42 to 43 every round which is just seven or eight above the par 35 course they play on.

“The future of Port Golf is looking bright for the next few years. We have a couple of talented young players who have shown glimpses of quality throughout the season and some more waiting down in Weber who are on track to come up in the next few years,” said Davies. “The best way to improve is just to practice and play as much as you can in the offseason and work on consistency. A small fixable flaw in the swing can go a long way in improving your scores.”

The team also showed promise by putting up much better performances against its opponents as the season progressed.

“We saw some great improvement towards the end of the season. We have a great coach in Ms. Kathy Doughty. She taught all of us so much throughout the season and truly showed us her passion for golf,” said Adair. “When half of your license plate has to do with golf, you know she is going to be a great golf coach.”

Coach Doughty has been teaching golf in Port Washington for a long time and does not expect another losing record out of her team next year.

“Although it was a tough year, it was a rebuilding year. We’ve got a lot of promising golfers. I think the future is bright for this team,” said Brooks.