Athlete of the Month: Joe Adsetts


Joe Adsetts at the Northeastern Regionals during a comeback victory.

Emma Brezel, Contributing Writer


It is often the case that athletes begin their respective sports at very young ages and have years to perfect their skills before starting competitive play in high school. For junior Joe Adsetts, a member of the Friends of Port Rowing team, the case was the exact opposite. Adsetts first picked up an oar one year ago and has not looked back since.

This season, Adsetts is on the top varsity heavyweight eight boat and holds the position of stroke, which is the seat right in front of the coxswain.

“Being the stroke of the first varsity eight is like being the quarterback of a football team,” said junior Emily Ryon, a coxswain for the girls team. “He sets the pace of everyone else in the boat. Without a great stroke, the race plan cannot be executed properly.”

This year, Adsetts’ boat has placed well at regional regattas.

“Joe has really matured as an athlete this season,” said coach Mr. Darren Gary. “The top varsity boat struggled at the beginning of the season to find its speed and it wasn’t until Joe was placed in the stroke seat that the boat really began to come together.”

With Adsetts in the stroke seat, the boys heavyweight eight finished their season on a high note, placing in the top ten at the New York State Scholastic Championships in Saratoga, and sixth overall at the US Rowing Northeast Junior District Championships in Worcester, Massachusetts, beating some of best club teams in the northeast.

“In this sport, there are no superstars because everyone is doing the same thing and pulling equal weight,” said Adsetts.

Joe Adsetts also holds a leadership role on the team. Last season, his teammates voted him team captain.

“As one of the older members of the boat, he is a leader,” said sophomore Joel Kagan, who rows in the same boat as Adsetts. “He always pulls his weight in races and sets a good example for the other members of the team.”

Now that the season is over, Adsetts is looking forward to training during the summer.

“I am participating in Port Rowing’s summer competitive program so I will have the opportunity to race in some more competitive regattas,” said Adsetts.

For crew, the future looks bright with Joe Adsetts leading the way at the helm.