Athlete of the Month: Olga Kosheva


Olga Kosheva rallies with her teammates prior to her match.

Hannah Zweig, Managing Editor

Many tennis players are satisfied with competing for just one season per year, but that isn’t the case for senior Olga Kosheva. She took her skills elsewhere during the spring of her sophomore year, and earned herself a spot as fourth doubles on the girls varsity badminton team. Since then, she has been a key asset to the team.

Her tennis partner, sophomore Liz Kallenberg, became her badminton doubles partner during her first year on the team. Together, they bridged the gap between the two sports, achieving success in both endeavors.

“Olga is simply a great, hardworking athlete who is an important part of both the tennis and badminton teams,” said Kallenberg.

Olga has had the unique opportunity to watch the badminton team improve in the ranks since she began playing on it. When she joined the team, it was at the very bottom of Conference II. However, after working hard last year, the team became the Conference II champions. This year, they began in Conference I and were forced to work harder than ever before, ultimately earning a consecutive county title.

“It felt unreal. However, the victory felt even better knowing that it wasn’t just there waiting for us; we had to work extra hard to achieve it,” said Kosheva.

The success, she claims, came from hours of practice and footwork drills that got them in the best shape possible.

Kosheva has also significantly improved her own game since joining the team, finishing this season undefeated as the second singles player. She attributes much of her own success to the confidence that her team and her coach inspire within her.

“No matter what the situation during the game, my teammates and coach Dr. O’Connor come up to me and tell me that I have what it takes to beat my opponent,” said Kosheva.

Looking forward, Kosheva hopes that the success of the badminton team will draw larger audiences to its games.

“After the school saw our big success, I hope that badminton becomes a sport in Schreiber that many students go to watch, because the support of our classmates and friends makes a real difference and boosts both our confidence and excitement,” said Kosheva.