Captain’s Corner: Sander Brenner, boys tennis

Dan Miranda, Sports Editor

Dan Miranda: It’s a pleasure to have you here, Sander.

Sander Brenner: It’s a pleasure to be here.

DM: When you look back on your four years on the Port tennis team, what are your memories?

SB: It’s been an interesting journey. Been through a few coaching changes, a few injuries, but I’ll always remember Travis’s light hearted coaching and winning the championship freshman year.

DM: How do you think you’ve developed as a leader over the years?

SB: I learned as a freshman, and have continued to learn. This year, I wanted to pass that on to the new guys.

DM: Lots of your teammates note your political views as something that makes you stick out.

SB: Mitt Romney 2012.

DM: In all seriousness, what went wrong this year?

SB: We started out really strong, until a few things hit our team and we weren’t able to recover. A few injuries set us back a long way.

DM: Where do you think the program will go in the next couple of years?

SB: That’s a good question. We definitely have some bright stars coming up, some strong guys like Ben Rosen, Chirag Doshi, and to-be freshman Alex Grossman, who will be a freshman. The team’s going to look good.

DM: What about Coach Travis?

SB: He’s got an interesting approach. He likes the individual to work hard for themselves and will respect however you play the game.

DM: Did you have a particular rival this season?

SB: Yes, Great Neck North. I ended up getting the best out of my opponent, Paul Aberdescu, both times, but we played some very close matches.

DM: How did the team bond outside of playing tennis?

SB: The team bonded well for the most part, except after bad losses.

DM: Where did you guys go to bond? Was there a team Five Guys run, or a Moe’s chill session?

SB: We partied at Grossman’s house.

DM: How was it having a middle schooler on the team? You take him under your wing and teach him anything?

SB: It was a good aspect of our team to have a player as young as him. We all tried to guide him throughout the season. We all tried to play the role of an older brother.

DM: How would you reflect on being a captain this season?

SB: I didn’t think of it as being a captain. I was really just into the team, so I wanted the best for everyone. I really wanted to do well and I really cared about this team. Jared [Alper] was on the same page with me.

DM: Describe the season in one word.

SB: Fight. We fought every match, day in, and day out. We also fought off the court, through injury and illness.

DM: It’s been good talking to you, man.

SB: It’s been fun, Dan. Good luck to you.