Creative ways to keep your eyes open during late night study sessions

Charmaine Ye, Contributing Writer

As the school year comes to a close, students begin to stress out over the loads of final projects, essays, and tests for which they are responsible. It is not uncommon to hear shrieks of “I didn’t study at all” or “I am actually going to fail” across hallways and lunch tables as teachers look on and roll their eyes. It seems that some students choose not to study and instead take this extra time to catch up on all the sleep they have missed throughout the school year.

But, fret not; our school is not entirely made up of lazy teenagers. While the student body is certainly proficient at procrastination, there are plenty of students who end up working into the early morning hours, sometimes pulling all-nighters and fighting off sleep with lots and lots of coffee.

After asking around, I came to the conclusion that there is only one way to stay awake while studying for the upcoming exams, and that is to have fun. Many of you must be thinking, “How do you expect me to have fun while I’m reading my whole AP textbook?” Well, if that’s your way of studying, good luck. You see, the best way to learn is to be in an exciting environment, and this does not mean sitting in front of your television set.

For those of you who are study maniacs or simply left it all to the last minute, fear not—your fellow students have some tips for you.

Junior Alexa Pinto knows that if she has to pull an all-nighter she needs to make sure that she finds entertainment to keep her awake.

“I usually drink tea with a lot of honey in it and occasionally I snack on sugar to help me stay up over the course of the long night,” said Pinto. “I like to pump up-beat songs and dance to it in my pajamas. I also have this bear hat that I wear when I pull an all-nighter.”

It seems that crazy attire might be helpful. While studying for the AP Euro exam, sophomore Erica Andrew and her friends wrapped bandanas around their foreheads at the library.

“You need to wear one when you study and on the day of the test because it absorbs the information and it just soaks up the knowledge so you feel enlightened when you put it on,” said Andrew.

The science behind this theory is questionable at best, but you might want to give it a try if you are desperate before an exam. The sophomores seemed pretty serious about it working.

While some kids decide to blast music and dance around, wear crazy “study outfits,” or go crazy on the sugar, other students like to throw sleepovers where friends get together to study before the week of regents exams. In the eighth grade, junior Mary Puglisi and her friends began a tradition of getting together to watch state-sponsored regents review videos and eat jellybeans.

“To be honest we actually go for the jellybeans and to have fun, but it actually helps and I’ve learned a few things that have helped me on previous tests, which is not always the case when you are studying with your friends,” said Puglisi.

Not including the graduating seniors who are already in relaxation mode, the last few weeks of school can be the most stressful. It is hard for students to stay focused on school when summer break is just around the corner, yet it is the most important quarter of the year and many students want to maintain their good grades. So prepare an “I need to memorize all the math formulas” playlist, or become quick friends with the people at Starbucks for free drinks, or assemble an attire that speaks “A+, no doubt about it” and study your way to a solid end of the school year.