Expect the unexpected from What to Expect When You’re Expecting


Despite a delay in both their careers, Evan (Matt Morrison) and his girlfriend Jules (Cameron Diaz) celebrate the benefits that their new baby will bring. The movie was heartwarming and surprisingly witty.

Penina Remler, Assistant A&E Editor

In 1984, two women, Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel, published a book that would influence the lives of pregnant women forever.

To this day, What to Expect When You’re Expecting remains a popular guide, linking together pregnant women all over the world.

Now, director Kirk Jones has chosen to recreate the book as a film. Jones aimed to promote a similar message as the famous book does with a large and impressive cast.

The story is centered around five couples who are each expecting children. One couple has struggled to get pregnant for years, several face surprise pregnancies, some are unmarried, and one plans to adopt.

Each couple’s path to parenthood takes a different turn. For example, shortly after discovering that they are expecting a child, one couple experiences a miscarriage.

While each couple is different in both stories and personalities, the excitement of introducing a child into the world brightens the lives of each. The movie is simultaneously comical, sad and informative.

While the movie may try to convey that pregnancy is a fun and exciting experience, it also features, with the five different story lines, both the stereotypical pregnancy side effects and also those that one may never have imagined.

Although many consider pregnancy an exciting, happy part of life, the film does not hesitate to explain that it can take some turns for the worst.

The film’s title and primary subject matter may, at first, alienate male audiences. However, what makes What to Expect When You’re Expecting such a modern and fun-for-all type of movie is its additional emphasis on the father’s role in a pregnancy.

Some may not consider that pregnancy can be just as scary for men as for their female partners, but this film certainly does.

For instance, the “dad crew” participates in a weekly walk to give each mother some alone time, allowing them to discuss everything they normally could not.

This crew includes big name actors like Chace Crawford and Matthew Morrison. With the help of Chris Rock’s clever humor and great timing, four men are able to explain a dad’s perspective with honesty and humor.

The cast, while expensive and famous, did not act to the fullest of their ability.

While What to Expect When You’re Expecting may not be found to be the best performed movie, it will definitely lead to discussion.

Additionally, while the film is based on the lives of different pregnant women, a broad spectrum of audience members, even males, can relate as current fathers or future fathers.

Lastly, the cast is able to catch anyone’s eye as there is nearly a guarantee audiences will admire at least one of the famous celebrities throughout this film, all of whom come across as charismatic and are genuinely entertaining.