Farewell from the Editors-in-Chief

Katya Barrett, Sophia Jaffe, and

Dear Schreiber Times,

We started the year with a relatively inexperienced staff, but finished the year with many accomplishments that we can all be proud of. We tried new layouts, and ordered from new restaurants on bed night.

We aimed to write funny centerfolds, and came up with many funny hashtags. And we finally put the paper online. Check out www.theschreibertimes.com (and don’t hesitate to make it your homepage!).

Firstly, the biggest thank you goes to our ever-present and ever-inspiring advisors, Mr. Craig Medico and Ms. Evelina Zarkh. You pushed us to do our best, and gave us the confidence to know that we could. You said that you didn’t know which of us was good cop and which was bad cop, even though we think it is pretty obvious. We’re just sorry we didn’t think of your true nicknames before it was too late for the t-shirts.

Secondly, thank you to our Copy Editors. You guys put in two spaces after each sentence (usually), came up with funny nicknames and headlines, danced, and made us laugh. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys sitting next to us.

News, you did five pages every issue, and still managed to finish ridiculously early. You were not only incredibly efficient but also always cheerful, filling the pub room with smiles.

Opinions, you were all new to the paper but quickly adjusted and stayed past your hours to help others, whether that meant working on a page or entertaining to relieve stress. You were dedicated in tackling issues that were both controversial and relevant within Schreiber.

Features, you were new to the paper as well and found your passion quickly. It was always entertaining to watch you fight ferociously for your articles at sections meetings.

A&E, although you always stole the swivel chair, you had us quackin’ up all year. With witty articles and wittier banter, you took your jobs seriously while still managing to have fun.

Sports, even though you left things late (and by that we mean 11 p.m. on bed night), you produced a section that appealed to the student body and also tackled larger themes in the sporting world. And yes, you can go first at sections.

Photos, your passion and drive helped you improve as a section throughout the year. You were instrumental in adding to the visual appeal of the paper.

Graphics, you guys truly are magicians. Your work always surpassed anything we could imagine ourselves and each month drew readers in.

To the incoming staff, we know that we are leaving the paper in good hands. A few final words of advice: use the website to its full potential, and allow The Schreiber Times to reach beyond the school’s walls.

Take on challenges; everything is a learning experience. There will be issues every issue, but no issue is too big if you work together to tackle it. And lastly, save to the desktop.

Finally, we want to thank everyone on this year’s staff for their hard work, dedication, and most importantly, sense of humor and fun. With acronym-making sessions, funny desktop pictures, and type-racing, our responsibilities never felt like a job.

Thank you all for making newspaper the most rewarding and enjoyable part of our senior year.



Sophia Jaffe


But actually, I’m not kidding, save to the desktop,

Katya Barrett