Mel remains popular despite fro-yo insanity


Mel smiles brightly as business booms.

Lael Franco, Contributing Writer

Despite the recent frozen yogurt boom, Mel, Port Washington’s beloved ice cream vendor, remains as popular as ever. With the increasing prominence of shops such as 16 Handles and Twisted, it may come as a surprise that Mel has not lost business. With his blue and white truck parked on Bogart Avenue behind Weber Middle School, the renowned ice cream man is not worried about losing customers.

“As long as the weather is hot and kids are playing outside and schools are in session, kids will still want our variety of ice cream,” said Mel.

After school, students line up at the truck to get their hands on a quick, cold snack—a pleasant alternative to the busy crowds at 16 Handles. Mel’s truck, unlike a permanent establishment, has an advantageous position on Bogart Avenue most days after school, and the ability to go throughout the town for additional business.

To combat the competition of new frozen yogurt stores, Mel is planning minor changes to bolster his usual route by increasing ice cream truck stops in playgrounds and neighborhoods.

Frozen yogurt is far from the cheapest afterschool dessert. Because his products are already less expensive than frozen yogurt, Mel is not planning to lower prices to increase business.

Although people may prefer the variety of toppings and flavors at 16 Handles, having an ice cream truck stop conveniently in front of your driveway may prove more appealing.

“I think that the ice cream trucks in Port Washington will always have good business because they provide a simple, yummy, and traditional snack for the warm weather. I will defnintely try to support them during the summertime,” said sophomore Sara Pinkus.

Frozen yogurt makes a tasty cold treat for dessert at night, but for a daytime snack that is easy and delicious, Mel’s ice cream trucks might be your choice for the summer.