Port football: The keys to success

Jon Bellon, Contributing Writer

Next fall, the football team will move to Nassau County’s Relief Developmental League, where they hope to improve their skills and overall record in order to be more competitive in the future.

The past two seasons, the varsity team has not won a single game, resulting in an 0-16 record.

Second-year head coach Mr. Jamel Ramsey will lead the Vikings. In order to turn the program around, the team must address a number of weaknesses.

“Attitude is an off-the-field weakness that can really help us if improved,” said senior and running back Shawn McKoy. “Motivation, practice and work ethic will propel the Vikings to a better season.”

“Dedication and a winning attitude will be our keys to success in the fall,” said junior offensive lineman Vincent Baglio. “Going to the developmental league was definitely the right move.”

Leadership will be important as the Vikings move toward a new season and a new league. Coach Ramsey has begun to encourage a stronger team work ethic with more frequent summer workouts. More accessible gym sessions and workouts will give players better preparation for next season.

With many seniors leaving, new players will need to fill important roles. Sophomore Michael Gennusa is expected to fill the void in the running back position. Junior Vincent Miscioscia, backup for senior Tommy Maruscak, will step up and fill the starting quarterback spot.

“Miscioscia is the type of guy that never gives up, and Gennusa won’t quit either,” said Baglio.

Others on the team have already established themselves as leaders. Sophomore Kyle Granger and junior Aaron Underwood demonstrate the attitude that seems to be crucial for the Vikings to advance.

“Underwood is a player who leads by example by attending workouts and playing at high levels day in and day out,” said McKoy. “Granger will demonstrate his enthusiasm by making a point to talk with coaches and players about practices and the team. This sort of dedication will contribute to the team becoming bigger, stronger, faster and ready to win more games.”

The team also plans to attempt to increase spectator attendance at their games.

“Although we will be in a developmental league and our past record doesn’t show much success, we need more people at our home games,” said junior offensive lineman Adam Gatehouse. “The bigger the crowd is, the more intense we become.”

As the Vikings prepare to make the change next season, they will emphasize execution, attitude, and decision-making in hopes of improving on its disappointing record. These will prove to be key factors for the entire team and, hopefully, they will foster a successful year for the Vikings football team.