Retirement Letter: Ms. Burr

Dear Ms. Burr,

Thank you so much for your passion and dedication to Student Council throughout the years. From buying fresh bagels for the meetings to chairing fundraisers and events, the school will not be the same without your contributions.

You are such a motivational and inspirational advisor and an incredibly kind woman. Being on the board this past year was an amazing and rewarding experience, and none of our accomplishments would have been possible without you.

Thank you so much for the hours you have put into the club and your tireless efforts. We promise we won’t let it go to waste without your leadership. Enjoy your retirement because you deserve it.


The Student Council Executive Board 2011-2012

Holly Hubsher, Evan Kerr, Chloe Margulis, Brittany Nachamie, and Debbie Oyarzun

P.S. We have decided that you are the one who puts the Stud in StudCo.