Stay trendy with a summer budget


Cutting up an old t-shirt is a great way to enhance your wardrobe for this summer. Using your imagination and creativity will allow you to spice up your clothing.

Caroline Ogulnick, Assistant Features Editor

Now that school is over and the warm weather is here to stay, preparations for the summer are underway. Many are beginning to stock up on summer wardrobe pieces in order to make the proper transition into the next two and a half months of constant sunshine.

Though some may prefer to have a full new wardrobe for the summer, that is likely unrealistic for the average high schooler whose parents control their budget. Instead of going to the mall and splurging on the priciest tank tops, denim shorts and bikinis, there are alternatives to keep your summer wardrobe up-to-date and trendy without breaking the bank.

A great way to save money on your summer wardrobe is to reuse pieces that you wore this past winter. Though it may seem like your winter clothing is not as bright and cheery as you would like your summer clothes to be, being creative is the best way to enhance any item of clothing.

When digging through your winter wardrobe, make sure to pick items that you are positive you will not need during the cold weather again—an over—worn long sleeve t-shirt or worn out pair of jeans, not your designer cashmere sweater. The goal is to save money, not to lose it by cutting up a $200 knit.

Say you find a couple pairs of jeans that you know you won’t wear again. Unless you are considering donating them to a charity, keep them. Old jeans can be cut up and recycled as shorts for the summer. You save yourself from buying new pairs, and you don’t have to go through the stress of finding ones that fit.

If you have already cut up your denim in the past, there are infinite amounts of ways to improve a pair. By using studs, bleach, or dye, you can spice up your shorts while saving a great deal of money. The best thing about doing a project like this on your own is that each pair you enhance will be different from everyone else’s, and you won’t be caught wearing the same shorts as your friends.

Another great article to use for producing new, trendy wardrobe pieces are old t-shirts. Whether they are a simple solid color or decorated with a psychedelic pattern, t-shirts are an easy item to be creative with. A main focus when looking for clothes in the summer is usually finding pieces that will keep you the coolest. Taking an old long or short sleeve t-shirt and cutting off the sleeves will leave you with a tank top without having to go to the store to buy a new one.

If you aren’t happy with just cutting off the sleeves, making more cuts in the shirt can help upgrade the style. You can slice a deep v or cut a wide scoop neck to have an “off-the-shoulder” look. Snipping scissors through the back of the shirt is also a way to enhance it, as you can construct any symbol or design that you wish. Even by simply clipping the bottom of the top, you can create a frilly fringe that looks great with a tie-dye pair of denim. Using bleach or dye to change up the colors can add a great effect to your tank top and your summer wardrobe.

Being stuck under a summer budget is not a fun way to live, especially when searching for new items to add to your closet. Though it is reasonable to spend extra money on essentials, there are many ways to enhance your summer wardrobe without wasting money. Getting creative with your clothes is a perfect way to stand out during the summertime and have fun in the process.

Rather than taking a trip to the mall, invite your friends over for a do-it-yourself party in the backyard. Purchasing studs, bleach, or dye is less than half the price of buying a new pair of shorts or shirt and will allow you to make any item of clothing your own. So, before you get into a slump when your parents give you a summer budget, consider a trip to the crafts store over a trip to the mall.