SuPort Port’s local businesses

Makenzie Drukker, Staff Writer

What is it that makes Port Washington so special?

Some might say it is the picturesque location, while others believe it is the community events and small-town feel.

Still others find that the multitude of locally-owned and run businesses is what makes this town so charming.

From hardware stores to yoga studios, Port’s small businesses give the town some of its most distinct characteristics. Thus, it is crucial that residents support these local businesses in order to preserve Port Washington’s small-town charm.

In this recession economy, small businesses are struggling. Large chains have moved into many towns, and lower prices and aggressive advertising campaigns threaten to wipe out smaller competitors.

Across the country, small business owners have been forced to take cost-cutting measures, or to even give up their businesses altogether. In Port Washington, “for sale” signs in dark storefronts are an all too frequent sight.

Some consumers cite convenience as the reason for taking their business to these chain stores, but, in doing so, they sacrifice quality. Sure, a person could buy clothes or a television while they shop at Wal-Mart, but many may prefer the homemade quality of the food at North Shore Farms.

Aside from providing greater quality, Port Washington’s small businesses are important because they draw non-residents to town.

People from nearby areas come here to shop because our unique stores offer things they would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. This contributes to the local economy, which ultimately benefits all members of the community at large.

One of the best things about having such a wide variety of small businesses in town is that there is a store for almost anything.

Port Washington has restaurants, clothing stores, and other stores that offer nearly everything a resident could want, and there are few things someone would actually have to leave town to buy. Port Washington simply does not need invasive chain stores, because we already have so many high-quality businesses.

“I think our town’s small businesses are important because they support a lot of local people and the local economy,” said senior Elyse Belarge.

The weekly ritual of “going into town” is one way in which students support the businesses of Port Washington, as they frequent restaurants and bakeries.

Small, locally-owned businesses are a staple of Port Washington. The diverse shops lining the streets of town and the unique goods and services that they provide add to the charm of the community. Because many of our small businesses have been struggling in this difficult economy, it is of the utmost importance for residents to continue to support our wide variety of interesting businesses.