Tanning salons give students a summer glow


Maximum Tan located on Port Boulevard provides Schreiber students with glowing tans, whether for a special event or a natural bronzed look.

Alexa Pinto, Staff Writer

It is not uncommon to observe a glimmer of orange or a hint of carroty skin as you walk up Campus Drive to school. It is, after all, prom season; a time of year that is notorious for frequent trips to one of our town’s tanning salons. Although the weather is warmer and students are hitting the beach on weekends, many girls are opting for fake tans instead of natural ones. Port Washington is home to two tanning salons, Body Worx Tanning II and Maximum Tan, both of which are on Port Washington Boulevard and currently offer decreased prices to accommodate the high school student’s budget. Since junior prom just passed and the Gambol is right around the corner, Schreiber students are striving to replace their pale winter skin with a summery golden shine.

Tanners have a variety of options, the most famous of which is the tanning bed. Tanning beds emit ultraviolet radiation, which are also emitted by the sun and can cause skin cancer. These tans, which last for a maximum of two weeks, involve the artificial reproduction of melatonin on the skin. Melatonin is the body’s hormone that causes the skin to darken or burn when exposed to sunlight.

Other options include spray tans and tanning lotions, both of which involve the direct application of chemicals to the skin to create the illusion of color.

“Sometimes I get it when I go out, like to a friend’s birthday party or something,” said senior Nicole Froccaro. “I think a bed tan looks more subtle and nicer, but I’ve gotten spray tans—it usually comes out more orange.”

In Port Washington, tanning has proven to be just as popular throughout the winter months as well. Junior Katie Ferrero is a frequent tanning salon visitor and prefers European Image in Roslyn.

“I like to go there because it is really clean,” said Ferrero. “I usually go into either the Power Tower, which is a standup machine, or the Magnum, which is a bed. Normally I go in for about 12 or 15 minutes depending on how strong my base tan is, because if you tan for a long time without having a base tan you’ll burn.”

Nevertheless, other students dislike the idea of getting fake tans, and instead opt for a more natural look.

“I got a spray tan once and I came out orange,” said senior Alex Sater. “Some fake tans look good on girls, and if they come out well they look nice—but I won’t get it for prom—it is June. I will just get a natural tan.”

Health teacher Ms. Patricia Kosiba also encourages students to think of their bodies before they get fake tans.

“Most people know that tanning beds are not at all good for you, and can lead to wrinkles, skin aging, and skin cancer, which can be deadly,” said Ms. Kosiba. “I would recommend lotion or spray tans over tanning beds any day, if you must have color.”

Although spray tans and tanning lotions are also unhealthy, both options are preferable to tanning beds. In addition, tanning salons catering to minors, kids from the ages of 14 through 17, require an adult to sign a consent form detailing the dangers of tanning beds.

“It is ironic that tanning is such a fad now,” said junior Sydney Mott, “since, as we learned in American History, that tan skin was seen as something negative since it implied that you worked in the field and were not wealthy.”

Oh, how the times have changed…