Editorial: The football team’s success

On September 8, the varsity football team won its first game in three seasons of play. Port had finally rid itself of losing, and though the journey to get to its first win was not easy, their winning streak has helped improve school spirit.

The journey was long and depressing, featuring many blowout losses in both the 2010 and 2011 seasons. After going 0-16 in Class A over a span of two years, the Vikings were moved to the Developmental League. Shawn McKoy (Class of ‘12) provided the team with a manageable offense, but in his upperclassmen years, never once did he experience the joy of winning a football game.

Fast forward to 2012, where Head Coach Jamel Ramsay is now the third head coach in five years and his team has three wins and one loss on the year.

There are countless players and coaches who have made winning possible. The three captains—seniors Aaron Underwood, Adam Gatehouse, and Vincent Miscioscia—have been at the center from a leadership perspective, and have contributed to the team’s improving morale and performance.

Senior Christian Castillo (middle linebacker) has started in the last two games and was noted by one of his teammates as exceptionally impressive. Juniors Kyle Granger, Matt Siegal, Michael Gennusa and starting quarterback James Burns all have made key contributions.

Even sophomores have been involved. For example, Austin Hanover (center) and Scott Belarge (cornerback) both start.

The Developmental League features a championship game which Port Washington can qualify for by winning their remaining three games (at Great Neck South, vs. Great Neck North, and at Jericho).

While the journey is not over, Schreiber’s team has made many noticeable improvements. The skill level of the competition has decreased, but as a result, the team has only gotten stronger.

It is unclear if this is the best football team Port Washington has fielded in years.

Either way, wins are beneficial to the morale of the school and the team. Wins can restore the team’s reputation, and most importantly, the team’s wins could very well lead to a spot in the championship game. This would have enormous effects in bringing recognition to the team and spirit to the student body.

The program has already effectively revived its reputation, especially with it’s win last Saturday at Pride in Port against St. Dominic.

Additional success will only bring additional respect. And for now, the Vikings have respect from both the school and The Schreiber Times.