Lala Nails takes gold in the nail salon showdown

Veronika Onischenko, Staff Writer

Among Port Washington’s wealth of storefronts is an abundance of nail salons. Some girls stick to their trusted favorites, while some like to mix it up and try out different places every so often.  If you feel like trying out a new atmosphere or are unsure of what nail salon to go to, here are four of Port Washington’s best.

OGI Nails and Spa, located at 22 Main Street, is one of Port’s most beloved nail salons.  Many students stop here for a quick manicure after school or make mani-pedi appointments for special events.  In addition to manicures and pedicures, they offer waxing and massages.  These are moderately priced, allowing you to have a luxurious experience without having to pay the price of a five-star spa.

“OGI is not that expensive and they give discounts to students,” said senior Neda Khan.  “They have a good selection of nail color designs.  They also give comforting massages at no extra charge.”

In addition to an always helpful and friendly staff, OGI gets you in and out very quickly, with minimal waiting time.  Within two minutes, you will have a color picked and a comfy seat waiting for you.

“They have good service and do my nails quickly,” said sophomore Tessa Peierls.

Prices are $12 for a regular manicure, $15 for a French Manicure, and $25 for a Gel Manicure.  OGI also has a popular Teen’s Special that is $8 for a manicure, $18 for a pedicure, and $25 for a manicure and pedicure.

Located only four doors down from OGI, at 18 Main Street, is Senniyo Nail Salon and Spa.  Senniyo is slightly cheaper than OGI at  $10 for a manicure, $20 for a pedicure, $14 for a French manicure, and $20 for a gel manicure.  In addition, Senniyo has the same $8 special as OGI.

Despite the fact that Senniyo has fewer nail and gel polish color choices than OGI, it still offers over 100.  Despite the similarities between OGI and Senniyo. OGI wins hands down (pun intended). Their seats are the bounciest of them all and their manicurists have the gentlest touch.

“They are all very friendly and spend a lot of time making your nails perfect,” said senior Jackie McGlynn.

Senniyo is also recognized for its environment.

“It’s small, but is big enough so that I can bring a friend.  They’re really friendly there,” said junior Sabrina Brennan.  “It’s reasonably priced, they have a great range of colors, and overall it’s got an awesome atmosphere.”

Senniyo is slightly smaller than OGI, but with its superb service and reasonable prices, it is worth an appointment.

LaLa Nail and Spa is one of the more specialized salons in town.  They offer manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, body treatment/therapy, and many spa packages.  LaLa Salon is the largest salon in Port with the most manicure and pedicure chairs and treatment rooms.  This salon is located at 134 Shore Road and particularly popular with residents of the Manorhaven, Soundview, and Sands Point areas.

“Living in Soundview, I love having a nail salon that is so close to me.  Whenever I need a quick manicure fix, LaLa is my top salon to go to,” said sophomore Sara Pinkus.

LaLa Nail Salon mainly offers OPI and Essie nail polishes, but also gives gel manicures in brands such as CND and a line of polishes by OPI.  The amount of colors they have is endless and the staff is always available to help you choose a color if you cannot decide.  LaLa Salon provides a manicure for $10 and a pedicure for $20.  Their gel manicures are priced at $25, but there are some special packages that are priced up to $70.

“I love going to LaLa nail salon.  The staff there is so friendly and always greets you as soon as you walk in,” said sophomore Jess Altuch.  “The service is fast and efficient, and never fails to do a perfect job.”

The prices are just a tad higher at LaLa, and the additional two dollars probably help fund their luxurious facilities.

Located on Port Boulevard, the newly opened Sunny Nail and Spa is the closest to Schreiber.  The environment at Sunny Nail and Spa is the most tranquil out of all of the nail salons.  Everyone is very sociable and attentive, and the staff  always wants to make sure you’re comfortable before starting your manicure or pedicure.

“Sunny Nail and Spa is one of the most convenient nail salons in Port Washington,” said senior Rebecca Herz.  It is the closest to the school, so if I ever need to go to during a period off or right after school, it is very easy to access.”

The prices are reasonable and identical to those at LaLa: $10 for a manicure, $20 for a pedicure, and $25 for a gel manicure.  Like the other salons in town, Sunny Nail Salon has a 10% discount for students.  They have more gel polish colors than OGI and Senniyo, and have well over 200 different regular nail polish colors as well.

Although all four spas provide wonderful manicures and a friendly staff, if you’re interested in a more expedient nail experience, OGI Nail and Spa and Senniyo are the places to go.  LaLa Nail and Spa definitely gives a more expert experience and provides you with the most long-lasting paint job.  No matter where you go, you will never fail to find a  salon if you have a desperate nail emergency.