September 11 performance unifies students

Minah Kim, Senior News Editor

Students from every grade and school in the district raised their voices to honor those who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks.  The mixed choir, treble chorus, Weber choir, and choir students from every grade and elementary school gathered at the Sept. 11 Board of Education meeting for a special performance.

“It was a request from our Superintendent Dr. Mooney to serve as a remembrance of 9/11, as the meeting was on that date,” said Board of Education President Ms. Karen Sloan. “It was an incredible performance by our students and put together by our outstanding staff. Having representation from every school building really made our district shine and represented to me all people coming together.”

Music teacher Mr. John Spezio III planned this performance after receiving a request from the Board of Education.

“It was a perfect opportunity for students to demonstrate their patriotism in singing in memory of all who perished in 9/11,” said Mr. Spezio. “When I was asked to plan a performance, we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for every education level to perform as a group.”

The group of over 60 students, representing every school in the district, sang the national anthem followed by “My Country ‘Tis of  Thee.”  The second song featured each of the choir groups separately with the final chorus of the song in unison.

“We were able to serve as leaders for the younger kids,” said senior Kimberly Suzzan, a member of the mixed choir. “I really enjoyed being able to be a part of this experience in the district and honoring the victims of 9/11 in such a meaningful way that gave back to the community.”

Students began practicing on the first day of school in their respective classes and joined together the night of the performance for a brief rehearsal.

“The vocal music faculty worked together to help students understand dynamic and preparing for a high level in achievement,” said Mr. Spezio. 

The performance ended with a standing ovation from parents, board members, and other community members.

“The audience experienced the complete dynamic of the vocal music program,” said Mr. Spezio.  “The performance demonstrated the great achievements of our students in vocal music and they were thrilled to perform together as a unified community.”