Student performers revitalize Dolphin

Lily Weisberg, Contributing Writer

Do you find yourself constantly in search of a quiet, soulful place to think, sip on a coffee, and munch on a delicious snack?  Are you yearning for a place to listen to live music for free, free I tell you!  Well, thanks to Live Music in The Dolphin Café, your search is over because Port Washington’s own adorable bookshop now has live music and baked goods.

Dolphin Bookshop celebrated the grand opening of its café in the beginning of April of this year.  Since then, the small coffee shop has developed a loyal following of customers from all over town.  Recently, the cozy café has hosted musical performances by Port Washington residents.

The Dolphin Café first opened six months ago, in the beginning of April.  As part of a new program called Live Music in The Dolphin Café, local musicians participate in free performances from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the coffee shop.

Run by Soloman Hoffman ‘10, Live Music in The Dolphin Café hosts a variety of performers, many of whom are Schreiber students.  Pianist Natasha Talukdar, and singers Julia Bain and Jessie Weil are only some of Schreiber’s musically capable students to perform there.

“Solomon Hoffman, who organizes the event at Dolphin, asked Natasha and I if we were interested in performing. We just put together a bunch of songs and classical piano music and alternated between styles,” said senior Julia Bain.

With music ranging from jazz, classical, rock, pop, blues, folk and even musical theater, the Dolphin Café’s performance collection is diverse enough to entice music lovers of all kinds.  The performance series is a fantastic way for Port Washington residents to support a local business as well as its community of young artists.

“It is an awesome place to perform in because the environment is so causal and comfortable. More people come every Friday and it was a great experience. I am excited to do it again sometime,” said senior Julia Bain.

Great music is not all that the Dolphin Café has to offer.  The inviting café sells spectacular Stumptown Coffee as well as Serendipi Tea.  In addition to these unique caffeine-filled options, the coffee shop also sells juices, sodas, hot chocolate, and funky health beverages.

What could be better than settling down with a warm or cold beverage and a delicious baked good made by people in our community? Among the Dolphin Café’s delicious desserts and baked goods are gluten-free snacks.

The main goal of the Café was to provide a space for all to relax and have a comfortable place to read.  The Café’s critical location in the middle of the store helps make it a convenient area for customers.

The next time you walk through Dolphin Bookshop, make sure to stop by the cafe for a cookie, a delicious iced tea, and some great live music.