Au revoir to Manhattan’s elite


Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) bond over their love for high fashion and social status in the city of Manhattan. These two are known for a friendship that often has its downs, but will never break.


“Who is Gossip Girl?” is the question on the minds of the hit show’s most loyal fans as they follow the series into its final season.

The original cast has matured, but their drama persists as the show begins to tie their storylines up.  With the show’s drama at an all-time high, new viewers have a lot to catch up on.

One might expect the show to be filled with simple solutions to frivolous high school issues.  This is not the case.  Since the beginning of the series, the main characters have found themselves in extraordinary situations.

From the moment the high society kids entered high school, they dealt with mature issues.  These privileged high schoolers were quickly exposed to drugs, sex, and acts of rebellion at an early age. Such circumstances are taken to the extremes throughout the series, proving that aspiring elitists would do anything to gain a spot in this popular crew.

Striving for popularity does not always come with a good reputation. While the characters seem to care less about individual opinions, they become entirely driven by fashion and appearances.  Blair (Leighton Meester) and Serena (Blake Lively), for example, are never underdressed.  For this particular bunch, money is clearly not the problem as they have been regularly sporting the most high-end designers since the beginning of high school.

The characterization and suspenseful plot line are consistently impressive.  Despite the occasionally unrealistic stories, the show never fails to entertain.

Also, for fashionistas, Gossip Girl always features the hottest trends in the unique and stylish ways.  Each character has their own specific style which has evolved throughout the series.

The characters’ styles aren’t the only things that are changing.  The series has shifted into the college scene, where the tight-knit clique begins to diverge into different paths.

The group stays together in college— unrealistic, but necessary for the sake of the show.  Through a maze of plot twists the core group becomes reunited in the city for the last time.

The sixth and final season started with a bang, as usual.  As viewers sit at the edge of their seats to discover what will happen to their beloved characters, more and more secrets unravel.

However, discovering the identity of Gossip Girl seems to be a constant mystery. The latest season opens with Blair, who continues to strive for a power position, and begins work on her very own fashion line and Serena who is trying to gain a fresh start in Manhatten as a more mature individual.

Romantically, Blair gets what she has always desired when Chuck (Ed Westwick) confirms his love for her.  Although the two have finally declared their mutual interest, the power couple decided to put their relationship on hold until their careers pan out.  During this break Blair tries to make it work with alternate love interests, but each break-up always leads her back to the infamous Chuck Bass. Evidently, season six does not fail to bring the expected drama.

The popular show has hooked millions of viewers to its gossip and drama.  After six amazing seasons, it is only natural the fans would feel closely related to the characters and are sad to see them exit the television world.

However, these characters will never fail to inspire us both in the fashion world and in our daily lives.  Gossip Girl will be missed.