Michelle Fried whips up delectable desserts


The aroma of butter and sugar wafts through the air anytime you walk into the cozy kitchen.  On many occasions, the oven is warm with multiple trays of smooth, mouthwatering cake batter.  A large refrigerator in the garage is devoid of its inner shelves to accommodate larger cakes before they go to clients.  A substantial section of the kitchen cabinets is devoted to baking tools, and cupcake trays overflow from the kitchen into the dining room.

Most weekends, you can find senior Michelle Fried inhabiting this kitchen and filling it with delicious baked goods and fabulous cakes that she creates herself.

Motivated by a Cake Boss marathon, among other cooking shows, Fried decided to pick up the techniques and apply them to her own extravagant cakes.  These techniques came in handy when Michelle began making cakes for birthdays and holidays, impressing friends and family.  This hobby rapidly transformed into an in-home business when Fried launched Cakes by Michelle early last March.

“Aside from cooking shows, I am constantly inspired by my mom and grandma,” said Fried.  “Both of them encouraged me to follow this passion.”

As a prerequisite for her culinary school applications, Fried is currently interning with the cake decorator at Saint Honoré, Port Washington’s premier bakeshop.

“Although it has not been that long, I have already learned so much,” said Fried.  “I was taught how to make roses out of gum paste, which was a new experience for me.  They actually came out really well.”

Many of Fried’s baking endeavors have been displayed at Schreiber, such as the treasure chest cake she created for last year’s Relay for Life fundraiser or the scrumptious cupcakes for the GSA’s fundraiser.

“It is really exciting to see things happen firsthand in a bakery and it is amazing how much work goes into every cake,” said Fried.  “I am having so much fun interning and making these cakes for friends and family; it is something I want to do for the rest of my life.”

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