StumbleUpon your interests with Pinterest

Jack Weinkselbaum , Staff Writer

Pinterest and StumbleUpon are taking Internet search engines to a whole new level. These websites allow users to search by category and specific interests rather than entering words into a search bar and hoping for the best. Pinterest and StumbleUpon not only guide you along your particular interests‚ but open your eyes to other topics as well. Though the websites allow for easy searching‚ they also offer more opportunities to the frequent searcher.
Pinterest was founded in March 2010. This website is a visual search engine that uses pictures to attract the users. A user is able to ‟pin” pictures that they find on the website and add them to their ‟pin board.” Pin boards are specific to each user and are made up with the pictures that they choose to “pin.”
To make searching easier‚ Pinterest categorizes search results. Some of these categories include DIY‚ fashion‚ food‚ books, and music. Once a user selects a category, pictures will pop up according to the category and the searching begins.
‟Pinterest has a very diverse range of subject matter, from recipes to jewelry, to clothing and food,” said art teacher Ms. Erica Cryer. ‟Several friends on Facebook expressed their interest in Pinterest so I decided to take a look at it.”
Not only is Pinterest easy to navigate, but it takes less than a minute to sign up. All you have to provide is your email and a username and you are ready to start ‟pinning.”
StumbleUpon was founded in 2001, nine years before Pinterest. It is similar to Pinterest in that it simplifies Internet searching, but StumbleUpon is more personal. Upon joining StumbleUpon, you create a StumbleUpon ‟DNA” by inputting your specific interests—science, humor, or quotes, for example. Once you select your interests, StumbleUpon directs you to a website that relates to the topics you previously selected. If you are unhappy with the page that it directed you to, you can return to the StumbleUpon homepage and search again.
‟I love StumbleUpon because it’s so fun to play around with, and surprisingly, it has actually taught me a lot,” said junior Jordan Cohen.
StumbleUpon is user-friendly as well, and allows one to sign up with no hassle. This website creates a place where you can refine the Internet to show only what you would enjoy. A click of the ‟stumble” button can lead you to hours of entertainment.
Pinterest and StumbleUpon advance the power of searching. With results based on the user’s specific interests, these websites save time and are more effective than a search engine like Google or Bing in leading users to websites of interest. Pinterest and StumbleUpon make the vast internet a whole lot smaller with one simple click.