News Brief: Gas Rationing

Kelly To, Assistant Features Editor

Dozens and dozens of cars lined up in front of gas stations, with many drivers unsure if stations would open. Something had to be done. Nassau County officials announced on Nov. 9 that gas rationing would go into effect as of 5 a.m. that morning. The rule called for cars with license plates ending in an even number or zero to obtain their share of gas on even-numbered days, and for cars with vanity plates and plates ending with an odd number to fill up on odd-numbered days.

“It’s a great idea, but it would’ve been better if it came a week sooner,” said music teacher Mr. Anthony Pinelli. “A bunch of teachers have been carpooling to save on gas. I hear that the math teachers have four to a car and each take turns driving once a week.”

Mr. Pinelli, who owns a gas-efficient Toyota Prius, has recently been picking up other staff members to give them a ride to school.

This gas shortage occurred because many gas stations and wholesale gasoline distributors across the area lost power after Sandy, and couldn’t pump the gas from the tanks into vehicles. The available gas supply rapidly depleted, partially due to panic and attempts to hoard gas in light of uncertainty.

Fortunately, drivers noticed improved conditions in the days following the fuel ration.

“It is hard to tell if it was the rationing that shortened the lines,” said health teacher Ms. Patricia Kosiba. “The gas stations could’ve had their own generators, gotten power, received gas, or maybe the odd and even numbers worked. No matter what reason, I’m happy that the lines are shorter.”

The gas shortage impacted driving students as well as teachers.

“I think the gas rationing is effective. When I was babysitting last Saturday, it only took me twenty minutes to get gas,” said senior Mary Puglisi.

“In my opinion, it was the best thing to do because the lines were not as long and it was less frustrating. It seems like we now have more gas and there is no more sense of desperation,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Griselda Dupuy.