Staff Editorial: Community comes together after Sandy

Editorial Board

When disaster strikes, we have three options.  We can choose to ignore the problem, bcome bitter and simply complain about it, or adopt can-do attitudes and do something to make the situation better.

After Hurricane Sandy struck at the end of last month, the Schreiber community overwhelmingly went with the third option.

The Schreiber Times would like to thank each and every person who put in an effort to help out.

Whether you headed to the makeshift community center in the wake of the storm to donate goods, services, or a smile; ran a drive of some sort; collected money to help those in need; made a trip to a devastated community to help rebuild; or simply housed friends or family without a safe, warm place to live, The Schreiber Times wants you to know that you made a difference, and your efforts are appreciated.

It is during difficult times such as these that peoples’ moral characters are tested.  In the month following Hurricane Sandy, the Schreiber community has proven itself to be one made of caring, selfless, and genuinely kind individuals.

The Schreiber Times is grateful to be a part of such an amazing community that came together in a time of difficulty for those in neighboring areas, and is proud of all of the students, teachers, and families who helped out during a time in which they may have needed some help themselves.

Although the storm has passed and life in Port Washington has nearly returned to normal, it is important to note that many individuals, even here on Long Island, are still suffering immensely, and may continue to suffer throughout the winter.

The Schreiber Times urges the student body to realize that although it was important that we support victims of Hurricane Sandy immediately after the storm hit, it is even more important that we continue to help those affected, as the post-storm “hype” dies out, and less aid is available.