These Housewives are surreal


Yolanda, the latest addition to the Beverly Hills crew, vents about her materialistic concerns. Their over-the-top, dialogue has entertained for three seasons.

Katie Fishbin, A&E Editor

With season three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the group returns with additional housewives to add to the already dynamic group.  The season follows seven wealthy women through their flashy, drama-filled lives.  Despite the somewhat boring idea, the show really begins to heat up, and loyal fans are always eager to learn what happens next.

Yolanda, the newest introduction to the housewife family, offers yet another strong personality.  She emphasizes her success from her modeling career and boasts of her husband David Foster’s success and sixteen Grammy wins.

Though we have not been able to truly “get to know” this new addition, it is clear that she will bring the heat as the season continues, and that is absolutely all we are looking forward to.

Throughout this new season, housewife Taylor Armstrong has become a focus of the show.  After her downward spiral, conflict with her husband, Russell, and the aftermath of her husband’s suicide, she now seems to doing better than ever in season three.

Despite her domestic abuse she is taking her recent experience and spreading awareness about this cause.  Not only has her story truly touched fans, but it may also offer some connection to viewers themselves.

The sisterly drama between Kim and Kyle Richards also seems to have persisted.  Though Kim, an alcoholic, recently made it through rehab, her old aggravating ways seem to be intact.  Her constant tardiness has already picked up again, leaving Kyle hopeless at the start of season three.

Lastly, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne continue to butt heads.  Former neighbors, the two had their major clash at the reunion special from season two.

Though viewers may have thought a resolution may take place, this is fortunately—for drama’s sake—  not the case.  Lisa continues to further her friendship with Brandi Glanville, another new addition to the cast.  This controversial character never fails to add tension to the group of housewives.

Though the story tends to stay the same, the combination of continued conflict and flashy lifestyle is what keeps the show alive.

This guilty pleasure reality show would be nothing without the drama.  The Housewives of Beverly Hills will definitely keep viewers interest through season three.