Wreck-It Ralph racks in ravishing reviews from viewers and critics alike


The not-so beloved video-game character Wreck-It Ralph is tired of being the bad guy in his own game. In Disney’s latest animated film, he decides to leave his own video game and prove his worth by winning a medal in another video game. Ralph is a beautifully animated film whose nostalgia is sure to win the hearts of many.

Sophia Kim, Contributing Writer

Disney has outdone itself in the new  film Wreck-It Ralph, with excellent animation and wide-ranging appeal.  The movie is set in the present, but revisits the ‘80s in an homage to gaming history.

Ralph (John C.  Reilly), Disney’s new protagonist, plays the typical “bad guy” in a popular arcade game called Fix-It Felix Jr.  After thirty years, he decides he wants to change careers.  Ralph’s way out is a medal that can only be awarded to a “good guy.” Ralph must adopt a fake identity and “Go Turbo,” the unspoken crime of game-jumping that guarantees the game’s demise.

During his journey, Ralph encounters Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), a mischievous girl “glitch.”  They agree to a mutually beneficial deal in order to achieve each of their individual goals, that Ralph comes to accept himself for who he really is: a bad guy with a heart.

This film revisits the 8-bit graphics used in video games from the ‘80s, such as Donkey Kong.  The characters from older games move between these 8-bit graphics and modern high-definition graphics.  For those with experience with games from the ‘80s, this is sure to evoke some nostalgia.

Hero’s Duty is one of the games Ralph enters in order to prove that he can also be a “good guy,” and it is here that he meets the tough Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch).   Ralph also game-hops to Sugar Rush, a kart racer game which accurately captures the elements of Mario Kart.  The movie also features numerous licensed characters, both old and new, such as Bowser from Super Mario Bros. and Zangief from Street Fighter.

The relationship between Felix and Calhoun is especially entertaining.  Felix falls for Calhoun at first sight and proceeds to court her with his cheesy pick-up lines.  Calhoun attempts to brush off his advances with her crude sarcasm, which will definitely remind Glee fans of Sue Sylvester.

As is often the case with 3D movies, the effects were underutilized and contributed little to the experience.  The 3D glasses only served to make the screen darker and to make it harder to tell what was going on.

Wreck-it Ralph may not be worth seeing in 3D, but it is certainly worth seeing, whether you are a gaming enthusiast or just fan of Disney’s animated features.