12/12/12 concert raises money for Sandy victims


Bruce Springsteen performs alongside fellow rock star Jon Bon Jovi. The star-studded 12/12/12 concert amazed viewers both live and on television while raising millions for charities in support of Hurricane Sandy Victims

Katie Fishbin, A&E Editor

A once in a lifetime date should be accompanied by a once in a lifetime event.

Celebrities from all across the globe came together at Madison Square Garden in efforts to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy and to entertain a live crowd of fans and millions who tuned in to the televised-live event.

Through their collaboration, they were able to raise an astounding $14.7 million for over 140 community organizations in hopes to help rebuild areas severely devastated by this disaster.

The bulk of the concert was classic rock.

New Jersey native and rock legend Bruce Springsteen performed classics such as “Wrecking Ball,” which rocked the house and inspired local citizens at the concert.

His performance of “My City of Ruins” was specifically directed at the denizens of the beautiful Jersey Shore, which was damaged by the hurricane.  He also collaborated with rock star Jon Bon Jovi in a crowd-rousing rendition of “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

Former Beatle and rock legend Paul McCartney united with the living members of grunge band Nirvana in an all new song, “Cut Me Some Slack”  in a show-stealing performance.

Other rock legends were also involved, such as Eric Clapton, who expertly performed classics from his rock band Cream, and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame.

The musical performances were not limited to classic rock.  Alicia Keys touched concertgoers and people tuning in through television or radio with her performance of “No One.”  Kanye West brought his signature outrageous style to the concert as well.

However, the lengthy performance and outfit choice was somewhat out of place and detracted from the rest of the concert.

While the classic songs rocked the Garden, there was also a message present throughout the concert.   Millions of dollars were raised to give aid to victims.

Each artist made a point to thank the many dedicated and selfless volunteers who helped throughout the disaster.

Performers praised the nurses, doctors, and interns who worked tirelessly and took heroic action to ensure the livelihood of those in need.

The artists’ cause resonated with the audience.  Some Schreiber students were able to appreciate the concert live.

“It truly was amazing to see such rock legends coming together for a great cause,” said senior Nikki Egna, who attended the concert.

The tickets may have been prohibitively expensive, but interested individuals who could not see the concert in person could watch it on TV or online.

The celebrity-packed concert was entertaining, and helped raise millions of dollars to aid its cause.