Students and staff reflect on Newtown, Ct. Shooting

Harry Paul, Photo Editor

“It breaks my heart to hear about the 20 children and six adults who were shot. To think about the losses these families have, especially during these holidays is just so cruel. What that man did to those people of Newtown will never be forgotten,” said senior Kelly McDounough.

“I was disappointed in my own reaction to what happened,” said physics teacher Mr. John Schineller. “When I heard, it was through a student’s cell phone, and I think I was so disaffected by it at first that I realized I didn’t have a sense of how significant it was. It’s so sad that it’s hard to connect with it and still function.”

“With all these recent shootings it is apparent that something has changed or is changing in society. Perhaps mental health should be revaluated and budget cuts should not impact students access to mental health,” said senior Miles Kurtz.

“I was appalled and felt that immediate action had to take place to prevent tragedies such as this,” said junior Nate Krantz.

“What happened in Connecticut was an appalling tragedy,” said sophomore Wyn Stopford. “What makes it even more disturbing is how easy it was for Adam Lanza to do what he did. There is no need for anyone to own the kind of weapons that he had in his possession. This is only further indication of how important it is that the subject of gun control be addressed. We cannot delay the issue any further.”