Athlete of the Month: Jameson Santelli


Santelli practices at Herrill Lanes.

Aaron Brezel and Martha Horowitz, Aaron Brezel and Martha Horowitz

Most see bowling as a casual hobby that can only be enjoyed at a birthday party.  However, after being introduced to the sport by his father when he was nine years old, junior Jameson Santelli has devoted himself to becoming an elite bowler.

“My dad constantly pushed me to practice and become better,” said Santelli.

Santelli joined the boys bowling squad as a freshman.  In his sophomore year, the bowling team finished a forgettable second to last in their conference.  Now a year later, they have jumped out to a 2-2 start, ranking them third in the conference, right behind bowling powerhouses Garden City and Manhasset.

Much of this success is thanks to Jameson, who has used his talents to lead the Vikings to success in the competitive Nassau County Conference I, routinely bowling 200-plus points per game.

To hone his skills, Santelli has actively participated in the sport outside of the school team.  He has played in several leagues at the closest bowling alley, Herrill lanes, including a father-son league with his dad.

“For me, just bowling in the winter was not enough.  Participating in outside leagues helped me improve and become the bowler I am today,” said Santelli.

His personal records include an impressive 288 in a single game and a three game series of 696.

Santelli’s teammates attest to how his presence affects the team.

“In a typical scenario, we could be down by 20 points in the last frame.  At this point we know that Jamo is the one to count on, not only to get a strike, but also to get those crucial extra pins.  Without his averages, we would be nowhere near the top of the standings,” said junior Murphy Siegel.

Much like an elite scorer in basketball, “Jamo” is looked upon by his teammates to either provide crucial last second points, or to push a team behind for good.