District superintendent appointed

Lena Kogan and Rachel Kogan, Staff Writers

For four months, the Port Washington School District was without an official superintendent. Former superintendent of schools Dr. Geoffrey Gordon resigned this summer after ten years with the district. Now, the district will continue through this year as a familiar face takes the position of superintendent.

On Oct. 12, the Board of Education approved the resignation of interim superintendent Dr. Kathleen Mooney, who subsequently accepted the position as superintendent.

“Dr. Mooney endured and excelled at what was perhaps the longest, most difficult interview in the history of education. Throughout her 13 year tenure at Port Washington schools, Dr. Mooney has conducted herself with grace, dignity, and a style all her own. There was simply no better candidate for Superintendent of all schools in Port Washington than Dr. Mooney,” said Board of Education President Ms. Karen Sloan.

The Board of Education ran the search for superintendent, which is the only district position filled in this manner. Human Resources Administrator Ms. Elaine Fenick and Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Mr. Michael P. DeStio, both of whom also offered input on the subject, aided the administrative part of this search. In the mean time, the school district had appointed Dr. Kathleen Mooney as interim superintendent.

In October, the BOE sent out a letter to the community describing its plans for hiring a superintendent.

The Board of Education posted the opening in several places, one of which is a website used nationally for all educators seeking employment. This enabled thousands of educators nationwide to get the news about the job offering. The application deadline for the candidates was on Nov.15 and the Board of Education received over forty applications from which to choose. Ever since this deadline, the BOE has been going through the search process and examining the candidates for the position.

To qualify for the job of superintendent, a candidate needs to have a vast amount of experience in the field of education. Furthermore, he or she must also have knowledge of our school curriculum and personnel, as well as in various school processes such as budget maintenance.

“Most importantly, a candidate that has complete confidence in their ability to work within the system before us to move Port Washington forward into the new era of education,” said Ms. Sloan. “We will absolutely not settle on anyone that we believe to be less than the best.”

Many expressed their appreciation and approval of this decision by the BOE.

“I congratulate the BOE on its decision to commit to a superintendent who embodies intelligence, integrity, and compassion,” said Christine Vasilev, president of the Port Washington Teachers Association. “Though challenges there are and challenges there will be, the board’s decision to put stability and experience first goes a long a way to helping us all work together in the interest of education.”