Homeland concludes season two on a high note


In Homeland’s second season, Carrie (Claire Danes) and Nicholas (Damien Lewis) have developed a romance after collaborating to figure out al-Qaeda controversies.

Susan Maroney, Contributing Writer

One of the most exciting and gripping television shows in recent memory has just finished its second season.   The writers and cast of Homeland, the thrilling drama series that was inspired by an Israeli series, Hatufim (Prisoners of War), have proven capable of continued success this past fall.

The show stars Claire  Danes as Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer, and Damian Lewis as Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a veteran and former prisoner of war who Mathison believes to be a brainwashed spy.  The intense and dramatic nature of Homeland is captured in its advertising slogan: “The nation sees a hero.  She sees a threat.”

There is never a dull moment, and the action is visceral, ranging from shootouts to chases.   However, Homeland is not all action.   There is also heavy drama and a layered story.

Homeland’s plot is extremely complex, and builds up slowly.  When Brody returns home, his children barely remember him.  His wife (played by the up-and-coming actress Morena Baccarin) struggles to hide the affair that she had while he was away.  The plot thickens as Brody’s political career takes off, providing for new twists and struggles left and right.  All the while, Brody is hiding the fact that he is Muslim from his family throughout season one.   The secret is leaked in the most dramatic way possible, matching the show’s high intensity.

Claire Danes plays Carrie very well, showing the characters vulnerability and frailty that comes as a result of her bipolar disorder.  From the nuances in her dialogue to her more outlandish actions (setting up surveillance cameras on Brody’s house without permission), her mental state comes across perfectly on camera.

Homeland is very different from most action shows, perhaps due to the influence of the Israeli series that inspired it.   However, viewers should stick with it, as it is captivating and mysterious, giving an interesting twist on modern day political issues.  Our current President also watches it, if that would persuade you any more.  If you are to watch one show this month, be sure to catch Homeland on Showtime.