Many students rely on the Monfort parking lot as a place to park in the morning.  The issue is that parking spots fill up quickly, and there is no other place to park.  If a student is caught in the teacher parking lot, which is usually empty, they will receive a punishment from the school. Also, if students are caught in the nearby Rite Aid parking lot, there is a chance that his/her car will be towed.  The school should allow students to park in the teacher’s lot as there are several open spots throughout the day.

If this was the case, students wouldn’t have to rush in the morning to get a parking sport before their peers.

Another solution could be to allow certain students access to the Monfort Lot instead of students as whole.

For example, a positive reinforcement of “Student of the Month” could be to exclusive access to the parking lot.  The three seniors who receive Student of the Month will be given the privilege to park in the teacher’s parking lot for a period of time.

Because there are certain spots open in the teacher parking lot, the school can afford to give a few vacant spots to students.

These solutions would be helpful in solving the problem of senior parking.