Mars attacks with exciting new beats


Allison Yu , Contributing Writer

Bruno Mars has a tendency to release singles that instill a desire in all who listen to sing along in a matter of seconds.

His latest album, Unorthodox Jukebox, is packed with catchy tracks that are even better than the loveable singles that he released during the last year.   Most, if not all, of his songs deal with the themes of love and relationships.

With a hasty look at the title of his most recent single, “Young Girls,” one would assume it is another crooning song designed to get a young girl’s attention.

However, it is less flashy and more heartful than listeners would assume.  “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Moonshine” are more about one specific girl, and how she supposedly makes him feel “on top of the world.”

The lyrics may be ridden with cliches, but the songs are still very catchy.  Other lyrics can border on sexual, especially in his song “Gorilla.”

Bruno Mars’s style ranges from modern pop to vintage, and the contrast is present between tracks like “Treasure” and “Moonshine.”

The new album features a track called “When I Was Your Man,” which takes on a more somber tone.

It speaks of the regret felt as he discusses the things he could’ve done to try and keep his relationship in tact for as long as possible.  It is a heartfelt tale of struggle to keep his desired woman out of another man’s hands.

Each song reflects Mars’ love life.  “When I Was Your Man” stood out among the rest.

“When I Was Your Man” is just one of the many tracks on Mars’ album that show he’s evolved in terms of his pop sensibilities.

Most of the tracks featured on this new album feature interesting beats with lyrics that are more aggressive and introspective as opposed to the tracks featured on his first album.

In the end, while it is a catchy new album from the “guy who played Little Elvis in Honeymoon in Vegas” it really isn’t anything we’ll remember within a few years or so.
It’s nice to see that Mars is getting a bit more introspective and showing the side that’s brooding.

Unfortunately for Mars, until he has something slightly more interesting to sing about, Unorthodox Jukebox will end up being just another light hearted male pop album.