New booth added to campus security


The base for a security booth on Campus Drive has been built. Plans for a security booth have been discussed by administrators for years before the booth came to fruition. The booth will act as a permanent post for security staff.

Areeb Azan, Contributing Writer

At the moment, there is a security booth in construction on Campus Drive by the entrance to the parking lot of Schreiber. The booth is the newest security development for the school and is expected to increase the school’s safety and security.

“It will be beneficial. It will give better vision for cars to slow down and obey the speed limit,” said security guard John Holze. “It is also a good vantage point for seeing the field and Campus Drive.”

Administrators and members of the district’s Emergency Preparedness Committee developed the idea for a security booth on Campus Drive. It is funded by the Department of Buildings and Grounds budget.

The school is prioritizing the reduction of the amount of students walking off campus.

“The booth will increase the presence of security on campus. I think it’ll make security look more unified and professional,” said junior Simon Shapiro.

Two committee members, Robert Seiden and Catherine Moody, contributed to the development of this project. Both can be credited for their push over the last 7 or 8 years for the installation of a booth.

The purpose of this structure is to maximize the building’s security and to make the jobs of the security staff run more efficiently.

“The security booth will provide many positive functions that will only benefit our school. The reason why this structure is being built is we felt the need to maximize the security of our building and deter potential threats such as trespassers, gangs, or even terrorists,” said Assistant Principal Mr. David Miller, head of the security department of the school and a leader of the district’s



Committee. “And even though we are settled in a community that thankfully has no threats like terrorists or gangs, this building will provide a plan for the future of our school’s security so that we can be prepared for any situation of that sort.”

At the moment, the security guards are stationed in their patrol vehicles, but with the installation of the booth, they can station themselves inside the heated/cooled structure. This provides them with a suitable post that will allow them to direct traffic, monitors students leaving or entering campus, and welcome visitors to the school by showing them where to go.

“Although the structure provides increases in security, students will still continue to walk off unlawfully. “However, this will make it harder for them to do so” said Mr. Miller.

“Although students who do walk off illicitly will be upset, it will only benefit us in many ways,” says freshman Diego Espinoza.