Schreiber partakes in the digital revolution

Aaron Bialer, Staff Assistant

Last year, administrators made the decision to go paperless, sending report cards and progress reports through the PortNet website.

Last month, students received their first ever online report cards, and the overwhelming majority feels that this system  is a huge success.

Sadly, this feeling did not last due to a major glitch in the system last week.

As students and parents opened up their email containing the second quarter progress report, most experienced déjà vu, as the school had accidently sent out the first quarter progress report again.

“It did not particularly affect me, though the administrators should have sent out an email apologizing and explaining the situation quicker,” said junior Deirdra Labartino.  “Upon receiving the report, neither my mom nor I recognized it as the first quarter progress report despite the similarities, so we were given the wrong impression.”

Not only was the glitch inconvenient, but it was also confusing.

Those who did not notice the mistake were misinformed for days.

This may have caused a dramatic impact on the lives of some students.

Despite this glitch, the new system is still much better than the old.

“I am thrilled with the way the system has worked thus far,” said principal Mr. Ira Pernick. “I anticipated more problems than have surfaced.  I think the community has adapted very well.”

Additionally, the reduced paper usage benefits the environment by saving trees.

“I like the fact that the school is going green and saving on paper,” said math teacher Ms. Tina Marie Gallagher.

Students and parents are also happy with the new system.

“The new system is much better.  Not only is it cost-efficient, wasting less paper, but the grades arrive much faster, getting rid of the long wait,” said junior Isaac Maraboli.

Students receive their report cards almost instantaneously.

“It’s nice knowing that now I am always going to be the first person to receive the report card,” said Ms. Susan Rosenblatt, mother of junior Eric Rosenblatt.

For teachers, the adjustment was quick and straightforward.

“The system is very much the same from a teacher point of view.  It’s a little bit easier submitting everything in one place online,” said biology teacher Ms. Marla Ezratty.

The implementation of nwe report card system was an overall sucess despite the recent progress report glitch.