Schreiber students select their two best dressed teachers


Sporting a black top and bottoms, tall riding boots, and a white cardigan, Ms. Janine Kalinowski smiles wide as one of Schreiber’s best dressed teachers.

Caroline Ogulnick, Assistant Features Editor

Walking through the Schreiber hallways, some teachers look like they’re strutting down the runway, and others, not so much.  On Dec. 4, students marked their ballots to vote for Schreiber’s Best Dressed Teacher.  Polling took place in the lobby during 4.1/4.2, and drew a large crowd, with 247 students submitting votes.    The ballot consisted of separate male and female categories, each containing five contestants.  Students checked off one teacher from each category, or wrote in their own nominees.

This year’s Best Dressed Teacher contest was very close, but English teacher Mr. Corey Block and health teacher Ms. Janine Kalinowski came out victorious.

Schreiber’s first Best Dressed Teacher competition was in 2005, with a second competition in 2006.  This has been the first best dressed contest since then.  Even though it’s been six years, many of the teachers that were nominated in the past appeared on the ballot this year as well.  In 2006, Ms. Renee McClean of the Social Studies Department took first place for the women and Mr. Block won the title for the second time in the men’s category.

The nominations for the women’s category included Ms. Kalinowski, Ms. Marilyn Gonzalez, Ms. Renee McClean,  Ms. Cherie Delio, and Ms. Jennifer Sacha.  Ms. Gonzalez, who took second place in 2006, got the silver medal again for this year’s Best Dressed Teacher contest.  She was flattered, but surprised to see that she won second over the other contestants.

“I get my inspiration from whatever I see, and like to shop with my sisters, not my husband,” said Ms. Gonzalez.  “I always wear what feels right and what I’m comfortable in.”

In the men’s category, the nominations included Mr. Corey Block, Mr. Alex Sepulvida, Mr. Mark Reynolds,  Mr. Joseph Corbo, and assistant principal Dr. Brad Fitzgerald.  Like Ms. Gonzalez, Mr. Sepulvida received second place for the second poll in a row.  He was also pleased as a runner-up, and congratulates Mr. Block on winning.

“When I go shopping I like to experiment,” said Mr. Sepulvida.  “I pick out things that look nice.”

After the polling was taken, winners, Mr. Block and Ms. Kalinowski sat down for an interview.


Caroline Ogulnick: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Mr. Block: I get my inspiration from GQ magazine, House on Fox, Keith Richards, and Spencer Shay from iCarly.

Ms. Kalinowski: In all honesty, the sales rack.  I hate fashion and gossip magazines and always shop with a coupon.  I love Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and J.Crew because they offer teachers’ discounts.  All you have to do is show your teacher’s ID.


CO: What is one thing you regret wearing in the past?

CB: I regret wearing a lot of things in the past, but even though I regret wearing them, they were in style during the time.  I would say anything baggy, like cargo pants of the ‘90s.

JK: I think that the spandex and shiny pants of the ‘80s were a ridiculous trend, but now they’re back in style.  Also, I would never go back to wearing slouchy socks.


CO: If you could dress for one season, which one would it be?

CB: Fall.  You really have the most options in the fall because you can layer.  If you need to take off your jacket, you can, unlike the winter where you’re stuck wearing it all the time.

JK: Summer.  I love the summer because I can always wear flip-flops.  They are cute and comfortable, and are perfect for the warm weather.


CO: What would be your ideal outfit during this season?

CB: Dark washed, slim fit jeans, a collared shirt, and a blazer.

JK: I love to wear white during the summer.  Navy and white is my newest combination.


CO: How does it feel to win Schreiber’s Best Dressed Teacher?

CB: I appreciate that students are at least looking at me and acknowledging my style while I ramble on in class instead of looking out the window.

JK: Oh my goodness, I’m flattered. I like that students notice when I look nice and that I can still be professional while doing so.


CO: Do you have any last words?

CB: I really appreciate this honorable mention, especially since there are so many stylish teachers in our school.

JK: My motto is: “If you look good, you feel good,” and everyone has their own way of looking their best.


With the handful of tasteful teachers in our school, Schreiber’s Best Dressed Teacher contest proved that students really pay attention to how faculty members put themselves together.  Having a stylish teacher in front of a dull black board definitely helps students keep their minds focused.

“I personally think having a well-dressed teacher is an important factor because it portrays a positive outlook on the teacher and school as a whole,” said junior Diego Hidalgo.

Well, Schreiber, you’ve decided this year’s Best Dressed Teachers, but you’ll just have to wait until next year to see if Mr. Block and Ms. Kalinowski keep their titles, or if two new teachers will come and sweep away their gold medals.