After displacement caused by Hurricane Sandy, Frippery moves from Long Beach to Port

Main Street has once again exceeded our greatest expectations with the addition of a trendy new shop called Frippery.  After the destruction from Hurricane Sandy, Frippery’s owners, who also own a store by the same name in Long Beach, decided to open a second shop in Port Washington.

At first glance, Frippery, located at 16 Main Street neighboring Frank’s Pizza, seems underwhelming.  However, do not let the tiny storefront dissuade you; Frippery has a large variety of items that compensate for its small size.  It is quaint and charming, with cute decorations and friendly employees.

Jewelry, sweaters, wallets, bags, ballet flats and winter accessories are only a sample of what you can find at Frippery.  The diverse products are not even the best part; the prices are extremely affordable, making it easy to find a unique gift or purchase and still be practical.  The least expensive items begin at $5 while the costliest item is $60, which is rather affordable, especially for Port Washington.

Prices aside, the factor that sets Frippery apart from most other stores in Port Washington is that once a week, the owner of the store goes into New York City on a “shopping spree” to find new items to sell in the store.  These items can come from all over the city.  The owner also takes special requests from customers if they are looking for something specific.

Frippery’s stylish sweaters are perfect to cozy-up in.  Other cute winter accessories include soft headbands that  protect your ears and smart-touch gloves that allow you to use all of your favorite touch-screen devices.

Scarves are one of Frippery’s specialties and, on average, only cost about $12.  There are many different styles and prints available, including the infinity scarf, which is scarf that is shaped like a circle and has no end.  Some of the scarves are even hand made, making it a truly unique buy.

The array of jewelry starts at $5 and includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  Frippery has jewelry that can be worn casually or dressed up for special occasions and receives shipments from  both larger jewelry companies and specialized artists. In addition, Frippery appeals to young children with items such as headbands and watches.  They also sell gift cards and provide gift-wrapping.  In the future, Frippery is hoping to gain popularity and grow within the community, especially among high school students.

Although Frippery is an interesting shop with trendy merchandise, it doesn’t really contribute anything unique to Port. Whit and Whim, a shop on lower Main Street which opened earlier this school year, offers nearly identical products.

All in all, Frippery has very stylish products at great prices.  You can almost always find something you like there and, on the off chance that there is nothing that interests you, you can make a request or you can wait a week and check out the new items that they have picked up from the city.