Captain’s Corner Interview, Girl’s Basketball: Ali Seltzer; Christina Leonard; Megan Murphy

Ali Peltz, Contributing Writer


Ali Peltz: Hey guys, thanks for meeting up with me in Rick’s office today.  How’s the season going so far?

Christina Leonard: We’ve had a very rough start because our first two games were against the two best teams in the conference.  But, that’s also a good thing because we will hopefully have easy wins for the rest of the season.

Megan Murphy: We’ve had a lot of injuries this season, too.

AP: Can you list the people who are injured this year?

MM: It would probably be easier to list the people who aren’t injured!
AP: Wow, that many? Wait… you’ve had only two games this season so far?

Ali Seltzer: We’ve actually had more than two, because we’ve had multiple non-league games.

AP: Non-league games?

AS: Non-leagues are games we have towards the beginning of the season that don’t count towards playoffs.  They are mostly to get us ready to play other teams besides scrimmaging with just each other.

AP: Is that what the tournament was for earlier this year?

AS: Yes, we had our Viking Tournament hosted right here at Schreiber, and we won!

AP: That’s great! Well done, girls.  So, as captains what do you say to your teammates to motivate them?

CL: Basically positive things.

AS: Yeah, we always do a team huddle without the coaches before the start of the game — we make sure to do a little Dougie-ing, a little Two-Stepping, all of your basic dance moves.

MM: We have to get the team hyped!

AP: Sounds like a whole lot of fun, could I join sometime? Kidding, of course.  What positions do all of you play?

MM: I play guard, and sometimes point guard.  Christina mainly plays point guard though.

AP: Do you play anything else, Christina?

CL: I’m the smallest on the team, so mainly point guard.

AP: How tall would you say you are?

CL: About 5’4”.

MM: 5’4″?! No you’re not.

CL: Okay, okay… 5’5”.

AP: Still taller than my five feet two inches! Ali, what position do you play?

AS: I’m sort of all over the place, but I mostly play forward.  The coach is starting to play me as guard, but it changes all the time.

AP: So what’s the average height of our varsity team this year? Any Yao Mings?

AS: Actually no, we only have a Melo.  Sophomore Amanda Dumpson is really pulling it in as our tallest player on the court.

AP: Really?! How tall is she?

AS: I’m going to go with about seven feet tall.

AP: And who is leading the team, scoring wise?

CL: I mean everyone is scoring, two points here, four points there.

AS: We don’t have one “go-to player.” We’re all there and we all chip in.

MM: We all work together.

AP: How do you girls bond off the court?

AS: Every Saturday we go to LTB.

AP: Wait, LTB?

AS: Let There be Bagels.  We have a great team brunch after practice every weekend.

MM: We also have a lot of pasta parties that are a lot of fun.

CL: Don’t forget the dancing!

AS: Dancing is key on the basketball court.  If you cannot dance, you cannot play.  It’s just not possible.

AP: I’m surprised you made the team then, Ali! By the way, you’re not the only senior on the team, are you?

AS: Well, we have Kayla Conway and Kate Andriola as well.  They’re always working hard.  The three of us lead the team as the seniors and upperclassmen.

AP: Very nice.  Lastly, I hear you have a new coach this year?

AS: Coach Castaldo is new this year.  I think she has really helped out our team a lot so far.

CL: She knows what she’s doing and she played in college.

AP: Awesome! I’m glad it’s going well.  That concludes our interview, thanks for chatting with me today.

MM: No problem!

CL: Of course!

AS: Anytime A-Peltz!