Letter to the Editor: Interactive Map

It’s never any fun getting lost in an unfamiliar building.  At Schreiber, this happens way too often.  New students and parents have difficulty getting to where they need to be.  Schreiber should invest in an interactive directory that would serve as a map and post bulletins.

When freshmen start the year at Schreiber, more than half of them are overwhelmed by the size of the school.  This posts a problem because many students arrive late to class. Getting lost can also cause stress, which is a stress they do not need the first weeks of school.

Parents too spend too much time circling the building and asking student and faculty where a certain location is.  Parents who come for open house or for meetings waste time trying to find where they need to be and often end up being late for their event.

To prevent further interruptions and overwhelmed students and parents, Schreiber High School would benefit from a directory.  This can be as simple as having a bulletin board with a giant map and reminders thumb tacked to it.  Schreiber High School, along with many other schools, should consider this investment to make their school a stress free environment.

~Liana Saidai and Emma Schildraut