Letterpress leaves players wanting more words


Jack Weinselbaum, Staff Writers

Not long ago, the top five apps were all word-related games.  But, alas, the popular game Words With Friends has been dethroned along with its genre.  Have no fear, letter lovers; Letterpress is coming to revive the genre!

Letterpress, created by Atebits, is a free word app with a completely new concept.  Instead of a Scrabble-like board, users’ iPhone screens glow with a 5×5 board, each box of which contains a letter of the alphabet.

The game relies heavily on Apple’s Gamecenter and requires two players.  Players can invite friends to play on Gamecenter or you can use the auto-match feature and play with an anonymous player.

If you do not have an account in Gameceneter, however, in order to install the app you will need to create one. Once you create a Gamecenter account, it allows you to access the app and import your contacts to Letterpress. By doing so, you can play with friends that have app or invite others to join.

This past December, Letterpress was named App of the Week by ABC News. It is compatible with the iPad, iPod, Touch and iPhone, and formats itself to fit whatever device you chose to play on.

“Give this game a few tries to get the hang of it and you will find yourself immersed,” said ABC News reporter Mary Godfrey.

If you become a Letterpress addict, you might want to splurge on the 99 cent upgrade.  Without paying, the game is locked into its classic features and two game maximum.  Paying allows for a multitude of games and six different themes.

Letterpress is a great game for passing time.  Since it is turn-based, you can continue playing whenever you feel like it, just don’t take too long or your opponent might become irritable.  This game is for both casual gamers and word addicts alike.