Popular Pretty Little LIars returns to ABC Family

After the long, suspenseful break from the hit series Pretty Little Liars, the revenge seeking “A” is back.  The season three winter premiere on Jan. 8 followed the thrilling Halloween train special. Although many new secrets were revealed, many new questions came into play.

The third season starts with a bang; Mona, now known to be the infamous “A,” is released from a mental institution and is enrolled at Rosewood High School.  However, the girls enter their new relationship with immense caution given Mona’s history.

With each season both the plot and characters have become increasingly twisted.

Just when you think you know a character, a complication arises, secrets are revealed and the unexpected occurs.  Toby’s involvement with “A” had remained ambiguous, so it is difficult to watch Spencer trust him so explicitly.  I think that all the fans wished they could tell her that he is not who he seems and is playing for the other side.  Is he is working with “A” in order to try and protect Spencer? At this point, we can only mentally prepare ourselves by expecting the unexpected.

Aria Montgomery’s (Lucy Hale) dad Byron (Chad Lowe) returns as a main figure within the mystery, because of a rising concern about his secretive relationship with Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse).  His creepiness intensifies during this episode, and it seems as though this season will only bring about some interesting revelations about his past.

The episode expands on existing scandals as new ones arise.  In a web of backstabbing, lying, and multiple deaths, the Liars are still left without an answer as to who murdered their best friend Ali.

As more of the past is dug up, the fans become more and more suspicious of anyone and everyone.

Surely we can expect serious and shocking plot twists throughout this new season.  Pretty Little Liars fans are most definitely in for a thrill.