Sandy causes delays in AP exam registration

Ana Espinoza, Assistant News Editor

As a result of delays caused by Hurricane Sandy, Advanced Placement test registration is taking place almost two months late this year,  beginning on Jan 15. Student registration for AP tests usually takes place in November, before Thanksgiving.

“We wanted to do it before Thanksgiving, originally,” said Assistant Principal Dr. Brad Fitzgerald, the administrative coordinator for AP testing. “However, there were enough people with no power, and I did not want to come back and concern people with the registration when the exam wasn’t coming until spring.”

Students who noticed the delayed registration were concerned.

“People in my classes kept asking teachers when registration would be. I think people were worried because registration usually occurs in November.  I assumed it was because of Sandy,” said senior Lani Hack.

The fee for each AP exam is $89 this year (an increase of $10), with additional fees for options like rush score reports and advanced score reports by phone.

“The increase in the price is really ridiculous. As a senior, I’m taking seven AP tests that I have to pay for.  I probably will not get credit for the APs in college,” said Hack.

However, administrators delayed AP registration in order to accomodate more students.

“I could’ve done it around December,” said Dr. Fitzgerald. “But the holidays are an expensive time for a lot of families, and the fee is an expense. So I thought, let’s have a week or so after the holidays and have everyone back in the swing of things before we announce the registration.”

Students will have a month to pay their dues and complete the registration.

“I do think it’s considerate,” said sophomore Maria Tsampas. “But I don’t think the kids really needed the extra time.”