Schreiber teachers make better than average tutors for students

Erica Andrew and Michaela Gawley and Michaela Gawley

As the year progresses and classes get more intense with important tests such as midterms approaching, many students turn to tutoring for a more in-depth understanding of class material.

Although students can go to just any tutor for help with materials, Schreiber especially has a highly knowledgeable base of teachers for students to look to for guidance.

To help achieve their academic goals, many competitive students hire Schreiber teachers as tutors.

“Students who don’t have free periods will benefit greatly from hiring a tutor,” said science teacher Ms. Marla Ezratty.  “It is good to know that there is availability outside of school, and that students are able to obtain help with a subject that they have trouble with.”

There are several obvious advantages to having a Schreiber teacher as a tutor: these teachers are more than familiar with the curriculum at Schreiber than outside tutors, and they can teach the material in a way that parallels what students are learning in their own classes.

“Teachers should be allowed to tutor students from their own school because they really understand the material and know exactly what is being taught,” said junior Emily Shlafmitz.

Teachers at Schreiber are also able to communicate with each other, allowing for a more universal teaching method throughout each department.

Although teaching approaches vary slightly among teachers, classes are generally on the same page.

Students find comfort in uniformity, especially when it comes to learning.

Having a tutor who is a teacher at your school allows for optimal communication between your tutor and your teacher.

A teacher in the same department has the opportunity to speak to your teachers to understand your position as a student, in terms of academic potential as well as behavior.

Also, students who struggle with tests may find comfort in having the ability to so easily speak with their tutor before a test to assuage their nerves.

This system is also beneficial for students who are uncomfortable approaching their own teachers and feel shy when asking questions.

“It’s always helpful to have a teacher help you study for a test as well as review it afterwards, because they know best what concepts are most important to focus on,” said junior Olivia Cisneros.

Some argue that this system is unfair because it destroys equal opportunity among students who might not have Schreiber teachers as their tutors, or puts kids who can’t afford a tutor at a disadvantage.

However, this is not an issue because Schreiber’s flexible block schedule gives all students plenty of time to meet with their teachers.

Students as well as teachers are given many hours off each cycle, and with this time, students can often find their teachers in the department resource rooms.  Students can also approach other teachers in the department offices during off periods who can also help them with the material.

Even students without many off periods always have the opportunity to meet with teachers, for many come to school early and will stay late.