AP test prices

Madeline Fagen, Staff Writer

“Every now and then the AP exam prices are raised.  This year they went up again,” said Assistant Principal Brad Fitzgerald.

The College Board raised the already high testing price to $89 per test, fostering concerns amongst students.

“I personally think that it’s kind of ridiculous,” said junior Dillion Drukker. “Some people may not be able to afford the test costs. I mean, doesn’t the college board make enough money through the SAT fees already?”

“I personally am able to pay for the raise in prices but I feel as though increasing the prices makes something that is mandatory for part of the course to receive credit a bit unfair to those who are less fortunate,” said senior Evan Kerr. Additionally as more and more people essentially ‘buy’ these AP credits through the exams they are accepted in fewer schools so it seems to be like we are paying more for less use.”

If eligible, students can receive the exam for $53.

“I think the raised price is negligible when compared to the advantages come with the test, such as getting into a better college,” said sophomore Noah Hirsch.