Athlete of the Month: Kate Andriola


Andriola prepares a pass during the Lady Vikings emphatic win over the Hicksville Comets.

Hannah Zweig, Managing Editor

Crowds roared at the Vikings game against the Hicksville Comets as the clock wound down to the final seconds. The tention was palpable, as Port’s longtime rival held a slim lead of 29-27.

With less than one second left on the clock, senior Kate Andriola grabbed hold of the ball from four feet behind the three-point line and hit what will probably go down as the greatest shot of her high school basketball career.

The ball arced over the five shocked Hicksville players and made its way into the net.  Andriola’s shot  won the game for the Vikings, 30-29.

“It was an incredibly exciting moment and a great experience for the team to come together,” said Andriola.

Despite the exciting finish, her teammates weren’t surprised.  Andriola has always been the Vikings’ secret weapon.

“Kate is a silent but deadly aspect of the team who leads more by example than vocally,” said teammate and fellow captain, senior Ali Seltzer.

Andriola has become renowned for her impressive shooting skills.

“She has the most ‘money’ shot on the team,” said head coach Mr. Dennis Trottier.

Andriola first began playing basketball at the age of five, playing on both PYA and CYO teams.  She is a three year veteran on varsity.

“My favorite part of the game is definitely the fourth quarter.  Whether I’m in the game or cheering from the bench it’s very fun to be a part of,” said Andriola

However, it’s the girls sitting next to her on the bench, she says, who have really allowed for the team’s unparalleled sucess this year.

“The team this year is definitely one of the best teams I have ever played on.  The team chemistry is special, both on and off the court,” said Andriola.