Editorial: Sledding Safety

Editorial Board

After a big winter storm, children everywhere delight in piling on heavy layers of outerwear, grabbing their favorite sleds, and heading to the biggest local hills for a thrilling sledding session with their friends.  Such a simple pleasure is seemingly harmless, and most of us partake in it without any fear or hesitation.

However, recent events remind us that sledding can be extremely dangerous.  Two local children were severely injured while sledding post-Nemo.

The Schreiber Times urges students to exercise caution when sledding after future storms.  Although it can be fun, sledding is an extremely hazardous activity, and all sledders should be careful while out on a hill. You should never sled alone, and sled only down hills where the entire path is clear

The Schreiber Times hopes that members of the Schreiber community continue to safely enjoy the winter weather.