Homeland: best action packed series

Penina Remler, Assistant A&E Editor

Many people find themselves addicted to the long-lasting series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.  Whether it is the captivating cast or the multitude of addressed controversies, fans will definitely agree that Law and Order is one of the most suspenseful series on TV.

However, since the show has been running  since 1999 (now in its 14th season), the episodes tend to become redundant and similar to those of the past.

For instance, it is common to mistake a new episode for a rerun since so many episodes are known to be based on rape.] If you are an avid fan of crimes and mysteries, Homeland is another innovative and intriguing series that you might enjoy.   Having just recently completed its second season on Showtime, Homeland uncovers the life and investigation of terrorism.

Similar to Law and Order, Homeland entails the realism and manipulation that detectives and CIA agents face, but rather than ranging in conflict each  week, Homeland is based on one extensive case.  Just like people feel attached to the Law and Order series, viewers will definitely develop an addiction for the latest action packed phenomenon, Homeland.