If you like this then you’ll probably like… Reality TV Series: Vanderpump Rules


Vanderpump Rules cast is feisty, sexy and incredibly entertaining to watch.

Katie Fishbin, A&e Editor

If The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills didn’t have quite enough absurd drama for you, Bravo’s new reality series Vanderpump Rules may be up your alley.   The new hit series premiered Jan.  7 as a spin off of the life of Beverly Hills housewife, Lisa Vanderpump.   The reality show, set in Lisa’s hot and up and coming restaurant SUR, stars six of the main waitresses and bartenders.   Though this may seem uninteresting and even boring, I can assure you it is anything but.

The drama that ensues is primarily due to the nature of the characters.   Because each worker at SUR is an aspiring actress, musician, or model, huge egos tend to come into play.  Furthermore, their dating lives often overlap, and there is definitely no shortage of drama with this crazy bunch.

For example, as the season began, Stassi Schroeder was dating Jax Taylor, and was also best friends with Katie Maloney and Kristin Douet.  All this has already changed.   Evidently, things are continuously altering for the better or worse as the show progresses into a drama-filled series.  Though very different from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules is sure to appeal to fans of Real Housewives.

It is truly an entertaining transition into a younger scene in the upper class within Beverly Hills; if reality TV’s your thing, Vanderpump Rules is sure to entertain.