Editorial: Lockdown Drills

Editorial Board

On Feb. 12, Schreiber was the last building in the district to hold a school-wide lockdown drill.

The Schreiber Times commends the administration for planning and executing the drill, which, in light of recent shootings across the country, is clearly a necessary safety measure.

The administration had informed and prepared the staff for the drill, during which Assistant Principal Mr. David Miller instructed all teachers over the PA system to lock their classroom doors and move their students to the safest sections of their classrooms.

The custodial staff locked all unlocked doors, including bathrooms, and students were prohibited from using their cell phones.

While the drill was well executed, Schreiber’s lockdown plan proved to have some flaws.

Since all classrooms and bathrooms are locked, the administration should devise a safety plan for students who may not be in class during an emergency.

Students roaming the halls on an off-period, using the bathroom, or returning to campus after a casual trip to Main Street are potentially put in harms way and need protection in the event of an emergency.

Students and teachers not in school during the time of a lockdown would be unaware of the current danger that may be present inside the classrooms and on campus.

There should be a way where those who are not on campus during a lockdown can be notified and take the right precautions to protect themselves and others.

The Schreiber Times would also like to remind students and faculty alike that their attitudes towards the drill are just as important as the drill itself. Students should not fool around and should take lock down drills seriously.

While the majority of students and staff members took the lockdown seriously, it is still necessary to remind others of the drill’s importance.

Although AP and Honors classes are rushing to finish their curriculums on time, taking out five minutes of class time to focus on school safety is not exactly too much to ask.